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BAM's sales department manages the production and order processes thanks to an efficent mail service and with specific programmes to avoid any missing piece in the whole business cycle.

  • A business cycle becomes perfect only through experience:
Through an excellent quality control service, we can deal with possible production and galvanic mistakes quickly.
  • One of your problem is an improvement for us:
Our Italian/Foreign agents are always able to provide our customers with a similar item to the one searched, or even start a new production to satisfy all requests.
  • Creativity in a jewel:
The shipping department, always fast in the trasmission of data to the forwarders, will inform you when the goods are ready for shipment by sending documents to confirm the process.
  • Fast shipment = happy customer

BAM'S production department is equipped with the best machineries available.

After years of experience in this field, our employees are acknowledged as expert at working with metals (precious or not) and they exactly know what kind of process should be performed to reach the final item.

The company is specialized in manufacturing such as:

  • Fusion
  • Sheet
  • Precision Casting
  • Shearing
  • Chains
Moreover other kinds of manufacturing are perfomed thanks to updated machineries and specialized staff, including:
  • Fine Knurling,to impress drawings and particular decorations;
  • Diamond coating, to obtain bright effects;
  • Personalized finishing.